Phil Kaminowitz Experience and Expertise

Phil has been providing quality products and services to our
residential and commercial customers for over thirty years

Meet Phil Kaminowitz

Phil Kaminowitz has extensive experience in advertising and corporate communications, with a specialty in helping national and international real estate franchises, developers and brokerages maximize their marketing efforts. Backed up by the team of specialists at Sky, Phil is an expert so you don't have to be.

Need help?

Do you want to coordinate a group of brokers into a single, cost-effective, diversified advertising campaign? Need a new top-of-the-market listing presentation? Do you want to maximize your website so search engines like Google or Yahoo give your site higher priority?


Creatively designed banners and ads online and in print media around the world, brochures in English and international languages, broadcast, media buying, media planning, web site development and optimization, out-of-home media, social media - all in a day's work for Phil and the team at Sky.

Phil Kaminowitz holds a Master’s Degree in Mass Communications from the prestigious Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University. He has been a vice president and board member of the League of Advertising Agencies and a respected judge for advertising competitions.

Our Team

Phil Kaminowitz is proud to bring the expert team at Sky to his clients’ projects. Specialists in media-buying, graphic design, printing, website design, copywriting, website maximization, ad placement, marketing and public relations are at your disposable.

You make one phone call or e-mail contact and rely on one resource.